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Cupid’s Charm


  • Cupid’s Charm” by Daethereal: Heart-shaped bag exuding romance
  • Red beads symbolize passion, framed by delicate white bead boundary
  • Elegant white beaded strap for effortless carrying
  • Embrace celestial beauty and enchanting allure with Daethereal


Introducing the “Cupid’s Charm” by Daethereal, a heart-shaped bag crafted with passion and adorned with a captivating arrangement of red and white beads. Embodying the essence of love and allure, this enchanting accessory is more than just a bag—it’s a symbol of romantic elegance. The meticulously designed boundary of white beads delicately frames the rich crimson hue within, while the matching white beaded strap adds a touch of ethereal grace. From its intricate craftsmanship to its timeless design, the “Cupid’s Charm” captures the essence of Daethereal, a brand synonymous with celestial beauty and enchanting allure. Carry this exquisite piece and let its charm ignite sparks of love and admiration wherever you go


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