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Sunburst Satchel


  • Daethereal Radiance Bag: Yellow and orange bead blend
  • Suspended from a golden chain for elegance
  • Effortlessly embodies ethereal beauty
  • Perfect for day or evening wear



Introducing the Daethereal Radiance Bag, where elegance meets vibrancy in a mesmerizing fusion of yellow and orange beads delicately woven together, suspended from a lustrous golden chain. Crafted to embody the essence of ethereal beauty, this exquisite accessory adds a touch of celestial charm to any ensemble. Whether draped over the shoulder or held as a statement clutch, the Daethereal Radiance Bag captures the essence of effortless sophistication, making it the perfect companion for both daytime adventures and evening soirées. Elevate your style to celestial heights with the Daethereal Radiance Bag


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